Megnetics Systems for ferrousseparation & handling



We are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers of Magnetic Appliances with wide experience of 20 years. Each and every industry have to use Magnets in one form or sure the other , either for Separating , Lifting Holding or as tools. We are sure even your industry needs one , either for separation , lifting , holding or as tools. If you do need any Magnets for any Magnetic for any operating please do write to us. We are enclosing our technical catalogue with all the technical details of our products. Apart form the listed products we also manufacture custom made items. if you need any information about our products, please do write to us. However, we request you to kindly enter our name & address in your list of Suppliers. we assure you of our best services all the time.




Magnetic Appliance


Mineral processing.


Drum Type Separators.


Roller Flour Mills.


Drum Type Separators. Hopper Magnetics , Hump Magnets.


Catle Feed Plants


Hopper Magetices ,Hump Magnets .


Textile Manufacturing Ind.


'U' Type Magnets.


Steel Foundries.


Lifting Magnet


Plastic Industries.


Hopper Magnets.


Ceramic Industries.


Funnel Magnets, 'U' Type Magnets,. Magnets conveyors


Engineering Industries.


Magnetic Tools. Magnetices Chucks.


Paper Industries.


Magnetic Plates


Rice Mills & Pulse Mills.


Hopper Magnetic ,Magnetices Plates


Steel Plants, Rolling Mills.


Lifting Magnets


General use including. Dometic & Interiors.


Magnetic Floor sweeper , Magnetic Racks & door closers.


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