Megnetics Systems for ferrousseparation & handling




Everest Magnetics - High Intensity Rare Earth Magnetic Equipments are assembled using Rare Earth Nd-Fe-B Magnets having 4 - 5 times more strength compared to Ceramic / Alnico Magnetic Assemblies. the products are most useful for removing weakly magnetic or fine Iron Contamination from Dry or liquid products. These equipments are most useful for Food, Chemicals, Minerals & Refractories etc.

Rare Earth Tubes :

RE Tube Magnets are used to remove Iron Contamination from liquids or dry Bulk material for quality control check. Magnetic Tubes are available in Standard length of 150, 200 and 300 mm with solid, Threaded or with Studded ends.

Rare Earth Grids :

RE Magnetic Grids are designed for installation in Hoppers, Feed Holes and duct etc. The Grids consists of Rare Earth Tubes assembled in Single, Double or Multiple bank as required and can be supplied in square circular or any other size to suit customer requirements.

Rare Earth Magnetic Traps :

Re Magnetic Traps are available for Pipelines from 15mm to 500mm. They consist of Magnetic Element with Nos. of RE Magnetic Tubes and Filters the liquid passing through Magnetic Field for Optimum Removal of Magnetic Contamination.

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